Naturally Nude Skin

As a new mom, I am lucky to be able to sneak out of the house to run errands. When I do, timing is everything! There's no need to spend a lot of time on my makeup when I'm just running to get bananas at the grocer, but, I'm not necessarily comfortable walking out into public completely bare faced.  All I'm looking for is an even skin tone, and a glowing complexion that makes me look a bit more awake than I am.

Here are a few I have tried:

Missha B Perfect Cover BB Cream
I have been through at least three tubes of this and recommended it to everyone I know who has searched for a do it all type product.  This will cover imperfections and even skin tone flawlessly, as well as cancel redness for a perfect foundation primer.  It features ingredients that help fade pigmentation and a hefty SPF to protect against further sun damage. This does contain chemical suncreens, so I couldn't use it during pregnancy.

Loreal's Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation
This stuff is so natural looking yet completely evens out your skin tone and gives light coverage without being heavy or sticky like a BB cream. It's so easy to apply. Shake it up. Pour into fingers, rub all over the face and you're done. The finish is so powdery, lightweight and smooth! It even has spf in! LOVE  this stuff. 

Dr Jart Premium BB Cream
Really great option for a BB Cream with physical sunscreens and fantastic coverage and glow.  It comes in two shades which cater mostly to very light to medium skin tones.  Dr. Jart really know skin care so this feels great on the skin, like makeup disguised as a tinted moisturizer.


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